My Wonderful Clients Photos

Only one thing makes me smile more than receiving an email from my clients saying how much they love their new painting, and that's GETTING A PHOTO of my work in its new home!
Thank you all so very much for sending photos
! ~Bethany Sky

Two Beach Condo Rentals

❀ Wonderful custom project for two luxury beach rentals.

My paintings get to live by the sea

Thank you John for the wonderful photos!

Beach Condo Rentals

Wonderful vacation rentals overlooking the ocean South FL.

Happy to finally pick up her massive 72"x72"custom painting from the framers!

This is truly the best kind of photo where I get to see my wonderful client with her new custom painting. This was a fantastic project, Amie got inspiration from a painting in my previously sold collection and asked for custom colors to compliment her decor. The painting was created in a deep smokey charcoal gray with a slight hint of moss to edge the pathway.

The photo below truly lit me up inside! What a spectacular photo in a spectacular room! Thank you so much Amie!


🡳 See image below for the finished results!

Love this earthy vibe!

I love seeing how my digital prints are displayed in their new home. Thank you so much Mariyam for uploading this wonderful photo with your amazing 5 star review!

• Print in photo titled "The Pathway"


Deep blue ocean abstract painting 48"x48" in a black floater frame.

What a wonderful photo of my moody seascape above a console table adorned with cozy accents. Thank you so very much Shannon for this amazing photo, I love the clean look of the black floater frame!

• Deep blue seascape abstract painting.


Colorful abstract meets cottage décor!

Another wonderful photo! I love how adding this moody colorful abstract painting adds the right amount of pop to this beautifully decorated family room!

Thank you so very much Eliana for this amazing photo!


• 30"x40" titled "Crossroads"

Stunning modern dining room.

I simply love this space, I love everything about it! The wonderful mix of a reclaimed heavy wood dining table paired with the classic Navy Chairs, the wonderful black and white art pieces and I can go on and on :-)

Thank you so so much Greg for this epic photo!!


• 36"x36" painting titled "The Rising" in a Black Floater Frame.


Luxery condos in Boston. The email I received for this commission put a huge smile on my face. It was a member of the condo association wanting two massive 60"x60" custom paintings for their lobby.

I was told that they were going back and forth for some time trying to pick an artist that the whole building would vote yes to and in the end THEY CHOSE ME!

Thank you all so much for choosing to walk by and sit with my artwork every day. This was a super fun project and the lobby looks stunning!



I WON THE VOTE! - Continued...

It was explained that the idea for the custom paintings came from sifting through my "Previously Sold" collection. They decided on one colorful abstract painting and the other more minimal in color but still adding a touch of the burnt orange to tie them together. This worked out beautifully for such a long open lobby with seperate seating sections in different fabric. Both paintings set into a black and silver combo floater frame.

• For inspiration for custom paintings please don't forget to visit previously sold paintings.

Custom Framed Diptych

I love this photo from Gina! This was a custom two piece from my Diepte Kleur collection and it fits beautifully in this stunning contemporary home!
Thank you Gina for this awesome photo!

2 piece 36"x36 each set into black floater frames.

• Bethany Sky Whitman is the originator of this style and she titled it "Diepte Kleur" when she created her first one back in 2009. "Diepte Kleur" is Dutch for looking deep into color as if you can actually walk into the painting. These paintings have a light smooth texture and are topped with an ultra high gloss medium to give it a glass like finish.

The Private Collection

A cozy California guest house. This is a painting from my private Collection.

Purchased by the fantastically talented Nina! I have been lucky enough to see photos of the main home and all I can say is, when can I move in :-)

Thank you so much Nina for your amazing support, wonderful kindness and your beautiful music.


• 31" x 41" x1.5" in a black floater frame.

Water and Fire

I feel so blessed to have the best collectors in the world! I love the way this Seascape brings a touch of color to this warm and contemporary fireplace. Thank you Jeff for this beautiful photo!


• 48"x48" titled "This is Forever"

Client Photos