About The Artist

 "I have been creating art and music since I was seven years old. I don’t know if it’s an escape from reality or just a part of what makes me feel whole and alive. What I do know is I am driven to create without boundaries"…


          Bethany Sky Whitman

 “I am an abstract artist known for creating many styles that reflect a positive energy within the paintings. My original works are created on a spontaneous note in layers focusing on how colors complement one another without a specific plan. I also enjoy the challenge of working with conflicting color pallets and bringing calm to the chaos emphasizing the expressionism side and introducing an eclectic vibe. My focus when creating abstract art is to invoke mood, light and depth without fully defining a scene to allow collectors to use their own imagination and life experiences to fill in the spaces. My love for painting on a spontaneous note is equal to my love for creating space specific pieces. Working directly with clients and designers whether on site or through photos is something I’m truly passionate about. Pulling inspiration from fabrics, color pallets and accent pieces to create something original and special that my clients will welcome into their lives and fall in love with. I want to give a very special thanks to all of my amazing collectors. I can't express enough my gratitude for your continued support and letters that have brought me to big smiles, and even heartwarming tears.




Bethany Sky Whitman had a creative soul from a very young age. At just seven years old she discovered her love for art and music. At fifteen she had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She started out designing window displays for boutiques in the shops of Bal Harbour, FL and even created edgy clothes for buddies in rock bands.


Self-taught artist Bethany Sky made the decision to become a full-time artist for a living in 2001. She discovered a major online channel in its early stages after a friend suggested she should sell her paintings on the site. Bethany was excited about the opportunity, in 2002 she went on to become one of the first artists to bring original abstract art to the platform. The response was overwhelming, Bethany’s paintings sold out instantly bringing in collectors from all over the world.


Through the years, Whitman designed a body of work that included new styles of abstract and contemporary paintings which she titled her “Chaotic Calm” and “Diepte Kleur” collections. Although two very different styles of modern, contemporary and abstract art, they had one thing in common, they were both a global success being widely collected and commissioned. The young artist felt humbled by the supporters and honored by the connection she shared with others through her paintings.


The artist went on to exhibiting in art shows and accepting invitations to art galleries across America and Europe. As demand grew, Bethany wanted to make sure she did not lose touch with the personal side of her career. She adored working one on one with clients and designers and made the decision to launch her website SkyWhitmanFineArt.com in 2008 where she could maintain those close relationships.


Outside of painting, Bethany enjoys playing guitar, writing songs and producing music. She also has a strong love for animals and worked in a wildlife rescue center for over seven years. Bethany is still active in the conservation of our wildlife. A percentage of the artist’s sales from her digital print line and private collection paintings are donated to helping animals in need.

Her many years of focus and hard work has expanded the now seasoned artist’s portfolio which includes working with designers on large corporate and commercial projects as well as set designers for major Hollywood films and tv series. Bethany Sky’s studio moved from Florida to New York and today the art studio is temporarily based in Summerlin, Nevada where she paints, designs and ships out gallery quality artwork daily.




Time Line


2022 - Netflix series "The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals"  Four Custom original abstract paintings are featured in season 2 episode (cabin life) in the breathtaking Telluride home.

2020 - Painting features in the Netflix original movie "All The Bright Places" starring Elle Fanning, Justice Smith and Luke Wilson.

2017 - Next Film Appearance in Paramount Pictures "Daddy's Home 2" Starring Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell and John Lithgow.

    • Launched a select collection of original artworks in 2017 specifically designed for made to order paintings allowing clients to enjoy hand painted recreations in any size.

    • Launched her digital download fine art print collection.

2016 - Painting used for set design in Universal Studios NBC Comedy Series titled “The Good Place” Starring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell.

2013 - Custom paintings created for a Colorado home designed by Jack Snow featured in the HGTV series "Million Dollar Rooms".

2012 - Releases her coffee table book titled “Driven to Create Without Boundaries”.

2010 - Custom art projects started to move into large commercial properties including the YMI jean corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, Hotels and several fortune 500 firms with global offices.

2009 - She designed a new style of abstract contemporary paintings and titled the collection “Diepte Kleur” 
    • Bethany joined Etsy in 2009 becoming one of the first abstract and contemporary artists to join the platform designed for hand made and custom works.

2008 - Brought the launch of her website SkyWhitmanFineArt.com.

2006 - Sky Whitman’s art started getting recognition by art galleries and was invited to display her works in galleries in New York, Florida, California, Georgia and London, UK.

2005 - She designed a new style of abstract paintings and titled the collection “Chaotic Calm”

2004 - Bethany started exhibiting in art shows.

2002 - Bethany Sky Whitman became one of the first artists to bring original abstract art to the internet allowing buyers all over the world the opportunity to purchase large scale paintings online.