Top 5 questions we receive about our floater frames.

#1 - Q: What will the total size of my painting be if I add a frame?
A:  Frames will add 1 square inch to the full size of your painting, example a 36”x36” will become 37”x37” framed.

#2 - Q: How large is the float between the canvas and the frame?

A: The float space between the painting and frame is approximately 1/4” providing the perfect float space to add shadow and depth to your artwork. 


#3 - Q: Should I frame my painting?

A: This is truly a personal preference. Since we started offering frames, about 85% of our clients order their painting with a frame. No matter what the choice, when ordering a stretched canvas it will arrive to you back-wired and ready to hang.


#4 - Q: What is the quality of your floater frames?

A: When it comes to our floater frames the quality matches frame shops and is what we like to call gallery quality. Our frames are custom made here in the USA and our clients rave about them. Please visit my client reviews and client photos to see what they say!


 #5 - Q: How deep are the floater frames?

A: The depth can vary depending on the size of your artwork as well as the color of your frame. For 36"x36" - 30"x40" and 24"x48" and smaller: black, white and maple frames are 1.5" deep, the metallic frames for these sizes are 1.1/4" deep. For all sizes larger and custom sizes: black, white and maple are 2.5" deep and metallic frames are 2" deep.


 For more information about our frames please read below.



• Frame Sizes: We offer frames for most size paintings including XXL freight size.

• Black Frames: are made with a High-Grade, Kiln-Dried Douglas Fir. These frames have a satin finish and will keep their luster for a lifetime.

• White Frames: are made of maple. These frames have a matte finish and will keep their luster for a lifetime.

Maple Frames: are made out of unfinished maple. They have a muted grain and are light in color with a matte finish.

Unfinished Frames: are made from High-Grade, Kiln-Dried Douglas Fir and are ready for you to design and finish any way you choose. These frames are perfect for staining, adding a metallic spray finish, painting, antiquing or leaving them natural.

• Silver Frames: have a light silver color, these frames are made from High-Grade, Kiln-Dried Douglas Fir with a luminous metallic finish.

• Gold Frames: The color of our gold frames are the perfect blend between champagne and gild leaning more towards the lighter champagne color. They are made from High-Grade, Kiln-Dried Douglas Fir with a luminous metallic finish.

• Black/Silver & Black/Gold Combo Frames: Are made from High-Grade, Kiln-Dried Douglas Fir. These frames have a satin black finish with a luminous metallic front/face trim.


Sky Whitman Fine Art Framing Information

Artist Notes: ❀

• Floater Frame Processing time.
As soon as a painting is purchased with a frame, I order your floater frame immediately. This way your frame is being custom made while I am creating your painting. For ready to ship paintings, please allow 8 to 12 business days for me to receive your frame. You can always contact me to check my current availability.


❀ I do not profit from frame sales, I offer this service for clients who buy my paintings as a thank you for supporting my artwork. This service can also help you save time and money that comes along with going to a pricey frame shop. Also, not everyone can fit an XL painting in their car to get it to and from the frame shop. I am very happy that I can take all that fuss away and ship all size paintings to your door ready to hang and beautifully framed.

Our floater frames are the perfect combination of
modern & contemporary offering a clean polished look to the artwork. 
They are a stunning addition to any style décor.


36"x36" Framed Painting

A floater frame will give your artwork a clean contemporary feel. It's a wonderful way to complete an original or custom painting.

Painting in photo titled: "Spirit" set into a gold frame.

20"x72" Panoramic Framed Painting

Here is a custom painting from Sky Whitman's very own "Diepte Kleur" collection, a new style of artwork she invented in 2009. These textured pieces have an ultra high gloss glass like finish and look incredible framed.

Painting in photo is a custom piece that was commissioned by interior designer Casia J -

The inspiration piece for this custom painting is titled "My Serenity"

"Diepte Kleur" Paintings are seasonal and can be commissioned between October 1st and May 31st.

Clients Love Our Frames