The Good Place NBC Comedy Series Art Bethany Sky Whitman Painting Abstract Landscape


 I was so incredibly excited and very grateful when a wonderful set designer from Universal Studios California contacted me about featuring my artwork on the main set of a new TV comedy series titled "The Good Place" starring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell airing September 2016.

 I set my DVR to record the pilot and I kept getting the FORKING dates wrong but this was no problem because I could count on my DVR to take care of it for me right? WRONG!  It recorded but somehow it only recorded the 3rd show, NOT the pilot. I was panicked that I wouldn't find it but thank goodness for on demand! I started watching the show and I loved it, it was such a fun story, Ted Danson and Kristen Bell are simply awesome as always. 

I had no idea where my painting was located on the set and sure enough 18 min in a blitzed Kristen Bell starts tossing jumbo shrimp out of her bra, as she goes to her bedroom and THERE IT IS, above her dresser! Did I scream when I saw it? Nahhhhh I am wayyyyy to cool for that, JUST KIDDING I dorked out royally and did the happy dance! And oddly enough started craving jumbo shrimp!

Thanks so much to Dianna for choosing my artwork and thanks to all of my friends and family for your incredible support and snaps :P

Cheers & Smiles + a hug 

Painting on the left by Bethany Sky Whitman original art titled "Step Softly" on the main set of NBC new comedy series The Good Place. Abstract Landscape Seascape Modern Contemporary Art.


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