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Hi there! This is where I post all of my latest information which includes...

Custom art and made to order painting time frames, upcoming TV and Film spots, art featured in publications along with release dates for new batches of artwork and much more.


• October 2022 Art Release

I've got great vibes happening in the art studio! New batch upload on Oct 7th along with new private collection pieces.
( Update - October's art release has sold out, thank you so much to my amazing collectors for your support! )

• 100% Complete Website Redesign

Starting July 2022 Sky Whitman Fine Art is getting a fresh new look. The new website has loads of features including larger images for a better browsing experience, dedicated FAQ's for quick reference, instant populate search and much more. The site will stay live during the redesign so feel free to take a look around, shop or reach out.

• New Client Review App

We have a whole new client review system where you can now leave reviews even easier than before. This includes review links to products, simple
in-email reviews, uploading your own photos and you can now add a VIDEO REVIEW!

The new review system has been very time consuming for us as we need to transfer over a thousand reviews in small batches, a ton of work but well
worth it! We will do this as we can over time.

• Wish List

The new wish list is not only a great way to save and share items you love with friends and family and for designers to share with clients but it’s
also a great way to compare artworks.

USE WISH LIST TO COMPARE: If you need more than one piece of art for your décor and you’re not sure if they will work together, add them to the wish list and
see them side by side in groups of 2 or more. Don't forget digital prints! Adding prints to wish list is a great way to see them together for when you're creating a wall collage.

2022 Bethany Sky Whitman art in Netflix Series

~New TV Series Appearance!

I was so lucky to get to create 4 custom original abstract paintings for the beautiful home that is featured in season 2 episode (cabin life) in the breathtaking Telluride home. 

Netflix original series:

"The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

2020 Bethany Sky Whitman Art in Netflix Movie

~New Film Appearance! 

❀ My original abstract painting titled "Work Hard Play Harder"  has been chosen to be a part of the set of the new Netflix original movie "All The Bright Places" starring - Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, Luke Wilson and many more.

A very special thanks to Becky ♥ Always super exciting to have my work chosen, thank you!! Expected release date 2/2020. 

This painting can be recreated please contact for info.

 Painting titled: "Work Hard Play Hard"

2018 September Art Release


❀ Great energy happening in the art studio!

Please understand that ready to ship paintings sell out very fast, most of the new pieces in the collection are one of a kind and can not be recreated as 90% are designed on a spontaneous note.

Thank you for your amazing support! :)


2017 Sky Whitman Art Featured in Paramount Film

~Next Film Appearance In Paramount Pictures "Daddy's Home 2"

2017 off to a surprising start. I am so honored that my fine art prints titled "Wanderlust" have been chosen for the upcoming film "Daddy's Home 2". Thank you so much for choosing my art! ♥

Starring - Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Will Ferrell & John Lithgow. A special thanks to Rachel & Ashley :) Expected release date 11/10/2017. 

"Wanderlust" fine art prints now available in digital instant download.



No more waiting for shipping, please come visit my new Digital Download Print Collection. I am currently in my studio and adding new paintings, digital prints and fine art prints to my shop as fast as I can.

Please stop back by to see what's new! :-) 

2016 Sky Whitman Art in NBC Comedy Series

~Painting Featured On Universal Studios New NBC Comedy Series.

I am very excited to announce that my artwork has been picked up by the amazing set designer Dianna of Universal Studios to be part of the set design for the new NBC Comedy TV series called "The Good Place" Starring Ted Danson & Kristen Bell. ♥ A special thanks to Dianna :) Airing 9/19/2016

Minimal White Painting titled: "Indecision"


Four of my paintings, including a massive custom piece, have found a new home in Colorado. I created a special 3ft x 6ft modern contemporary painting with a rustic flair and it has become the center focal artwork in the breathtaking 8 million dollar kitchen featured on HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms - Three-Zone Kitchen of the incredible Pa Gomo home in Telluride designed by the amazing Jack Snow of RKD Architects.