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Bethany Sky Whitman Music
 ~Behind the music...

 I am a self taught artist & musician from Fort Lauderdale Florida where I  am a full time artist for a living. When I am not painting, I love to play guitar  and write songs. I started playing guitar when I was very young but  unfortunately my Mom didn't think little girls should play guitar so my big  brother was the one to get the lessons. Thanks to my Pop he would steal  my brother’s guitar every time my Mom wasn't looking and let me JAM..:-)

 My musical genres range from rock, singer songwriter, indie rock,  alternative, pop rock, punk, acoustic and beyond…

 More than anything, I simply consider myself a songwriter. I love to play  the guitar and sing but I also play a bit of bass, drums and keyboard.

​All of my songs to date come from a very honest place based on personal experiences and I have to admit it’s scary to reveal yourself and spill your guts! There is a song by Anna Nalick titled “Breathe” a line in the song says ( Now I feel like I’m naked in front of this crowd and these word are my diary screaming out loud and I know that you'll use them how ever you want to). When I heard that I said that is the perfect lyric for every type of artist to relate to.

After working in a wildlife rescue center for seven years, I am still to this day extremely active in the conservation of our wildlife.

~My gear

Although I am addicted to buying guitars some of my favorites are my PRS an old Fender Strat Plus for my recordings.

For acoustic recordings I use an Ovation, Alhambra, Martin and a fat body Takamine twelve string.
Bass guitars: I use a Rickenbacker 4003 & Fender Jazz

Amps: Fender combo and also a Mesa dual rectifier with a Marshall 4/12 cabinet with greenbacks & Vox.

Recordings: Are done in my personal studio using- Reaper with a mass amount of plugins including Reason, Waves, Absynth, SoundToys, Sonnox and Lexicon then mastered in Sony Sound Forge.

Percussions: I use a wide variety for drum sounds - keyboards, drum machines and plugins like Reason and EZdrummer.

Videos: created with - Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe After Effects CS6.

What's New!

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~More than you need to know

​~Love to jump up and down on my bed with my guitar!
~I am pathetic at burping!
~Love milk chocolate not dark!
~I am a Tomboy!
~I can recite the entire old “Lee press on nails” commercial word for word!
~ I STILL cry every time Toto is taken away from Dorothy! 
~I have a small callus on my left pinkie because I can’t stop chewing on it!
~I love to just sit up in a tree and stare at the clouds and make shapes!
~I actually enjoy washing my car!
~Surfing, fishing, scuba diving, camping, cooking, dancing, dancing, dancing & dancing!
~When no one is looking I like to pretend I am Angus Young with my guitar cranked!
~I am addicted to buying guitars & shoes!
~And I am a total Dork!

"Thanks so much for checking out my music and for your support!!
It truly means the world to me."
~Bethany xoLOVEox