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When A Photographer Is Snap Happy

When A Photographer Is Snap Happy

Fun photo shoot in South Beach Florida...

FIRST, I would like to start by saying this was back in the cretaceous period when I was in my mid 20's. 

These images are of me hiding in an alley for a quick outfit change and then back to the boardwalk on the beach for more shoot time. Needless to say the photographer loved taking natural shots and I wasn't going to fight his artistic ways :-)

My shyness is the same today as it was back then. Typical me with my head down hiding behind my hair. Ha well, my photos today are the very same pose or shall I say the anti pose!

I truly didn't think I would miss the ocean so quickly after only living in the desert for 6 months now. I MISS IT and YES I'm completely forgetting what grass looks like YIKESABEE!
Need a Florida visit NOW!

~Bethany Sky


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  • Bethany Sky Whitman